Thursday, September 21, 2006

Translation of Verbal Statements into Equations & Inequalities

A. Subject Name: Mathematics I - Elementary Algebra

B. Lesson Reference No. : 4.2

C. Lesson Title: Translating Verbal Statement into Equations and Inequalities

D. Lesson Description:

  • The lesson makes the students translate verbal statement into equations & inequalities
  • The lesson covers the concept of defining symbols with corresponding meanings.

E. Learning Outcome:

At the end of the lesson, the first year high school students are expected to:

  1. translate verbal statement into equations and inequalities;
  2. construct equations/inequalities from the given verbal statement; and
  3. explain his/her answer to the whole class.

F. Review of Previous Learning:

Students, please recall the previous concept by clicking here.

G. Learning Presentation:

In translating verbal statement into equations/inequalities, you need to understand the meaning of each given word so that you can associate it to the correct symbols. Click Here!

You focus only to the concept of translation of verbal statement into equations/inequalities.

Be sure you can familarize the concept/meaning so that you can answer to our pencil and paper test.

H. Learning Activity:

Student, try to study the concepts, then analyze the process and the given examples on these following websites:

Click here!

Try this!

Open up!

I. Learning Evaluation:

How are you? Did you now master the concept of our topics? If no, try to explore again the links. If yes, answer this.

J. Assignment:

You need to study this website!


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